Friday, July 5, 2013

KHOP Construction

Kolonia, Pohnpei
Saturday, July 6, 2013
KHOP Construction


Kolonia House of Prayer and Pohnpei Paradise outside DURING construction

Kolonia House of Prayer and Pohnpei Paradise outside AFTER construction

 Building a planter bed of rocks we collected from the river

 Planter bed of river rocks BEFORE and AFTER
Planter bed after planting elephant ears

Vines planted alongside of the Kolonia House of Prayer
Kolonia House of Prayer inside BEFORE renovations

 Kolonia House of Prayer inside DURING renovations

Treating plywood used for walls and ceilings

Ceiling BEFORE framing

Ceiling AFTER framing

Ceiling AFTER plywood

North wall BEFORE framing

North wall AFTER framing

North wall AFTER plywood

North wall AFTER painting

South wall BEFORE framing

South wall AFTER framing

Rough electrical on south wall

New breaker panel box behind south wall

West wall with curtain, Scripture verse, crown of thorns and spikes

East wall with Scriptures framed in English and Pohnpeian