Sunday, September 29, 2013

Level 2 Iris Harvest School

Born to be wild

 trampling over fear with the untamed faith of a child

 These Jesus freaks freak out the freaking devil with their fearless faith and Holy Ghost fire

 You are the wild ones with the big guns

 ambushing the enemies camps to recover the King's stolen jewels

 to the world appearing as fools

 But you are eternities heroes

 You are unstoppable blazing with fire unquenchable

 laughing in the faith of the darkest evil

 flying on the wings of freedom

 demolishing the forms built by the religious traditions of men

 You are unexplainable, unconventional, practically irrational

 and the whole earth groans for you

 to be who you are..

 a fearless lover, pulling the lost children home to the Father

Beauty In Tension

Posted on August 29, 2013

I find myself loving my time here in Micronesia more and more everyday. God is doing some amazing things within my heart, which is what I want to write about today. During the first few days of being here, I knew the word Jesus was speaking over me was freedom. This is a season for me to truly step into who I was created to be. It’s a season of not only moving toward the person I’ve always imagined myself being but fully BECOMING

the person I’ve always imagined I would be. That is terrifying to me. I picture it like I have been climbing this big "mountain" for a few years. It’s a mountain of multiple things I’ve experienced, things I’ve overcome, and shaking off words that were spoken over me from a young age. God has been showing me that the words spoken over me are in direct contrast from how He sees me. Words such as you’re too shy to preach or be a missionary. But thankfully I’ve made it to the top of the mountain, and I’ll I have to is jump off. However, that seems to be the hardest part. It would mean I’m stepping into the unknown of experiencing complete freedom for the first time in my life. There is this tension going on inside; part of me wants to hold onto what I know and keep my feet planted, while the other part of me wants to get a running start and leap off the mountain. I recognize that I am slowly leaping off the mountain. On a lighter note, my group is doing the water survival outreach where we will be learning to spear, line, and net fish. I can’t freaking wait. Love from Micronesia!

Priscilla Huber

Faith is unstoppable

Does not acknowledge the impossible

Considers the onslaught of our enemy as merely laughable

Sees difficulty as opportunity

Runs into challenges springing off of them like a trampoline

 walks through walls of the limitations in the minds of men

A man of faith may fall seven times but rises again

Because faith has substance that is currency in the spirit realm

It is through faith that we are born-again receive the Spirit and live for Him.

Faith sees the unseen, receives promises as guarantees

Looks ridiculous to the world because to our human reasoning it never agrees.    

Hello to all from Micronesia!! I wanted to share a testimony of something that happened a few days ago:

Today after worship a grandmother brought her granddaughter to our compound for prayer because her granddaughters face was swollen on one side. I guess in the night the child saw a demon in the form of man that use to live there but died due to a landslide. A couple on staff prayed over her and then thought it be best to go over to the house so they gathered a group and went. I went with them... On our way we found that in fact a witch doctor visited the day before and left something there. So we sang about Jesus' blood.. the power

and victory of it and anointed their house with oil and prayed the blood of Jesus all over it and them! Hallelujah the blood is stronger and greater than any power of evil. So amazing that the kingdom is established and people can sense it that they walk to where they know they can be helped! I pray that others will realize who can set them free! Who can heal them! Who can protect them! Today is a great day and Jesus is already on the move! Join HIM! He is for you & with you! Hallelujah!

This weekend:

My group will be gone hiking for a mountain survival weekend. The group that went last weekend had amazing stories challenges and of God healing one guy immediately of (what sounded to me like altitude sickness, or severe dehydration and vomiting). So... we are pretty excited about a slightly shorter, amazing challenging weekend of hiking. And this morning Jessie and Tanya shared a story with us of them visiting a

hard to reach, unreached mountain village in Nepal, and the crazy dangerous bus ride and hike, and then how a woman was healed of the cancer she was dying from and her whole family and doctor became believers in Jesus. And many other people in those villages. Jesus is worth the pain, he is worth the risk. He is beautiful! He is great news!

One of the Pohnpeian students here with us, broke his finger playing volleyball last week, then another student prayed for him immediately and he was healed and felt something like electricity going through his body. And of course a lot of heart healing is happening for all of us, because thats what God does...

RADICAL RAGING LOVE flows like liquid fire, filling the darkness with hope and light, melting the ice, breaking the chains and calling forth a new generation to extreme living, dying to self and the world, living new energy of passion bursting forth to love the ugly unto beauty and uncover the hidden treasures from the dust of the earth. His Kingdom within reach, within us, wanting to be let out as we step out of comfort into the tension of the unseen and untouched being more real than the tangible and visible, until faith creates the world dreamed for becoming the physical reality around us