Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unusual Miracles: Sakau into Water

Madolenihmw, Pohnpei
Tuesday, November 29, 2012
Unusual Miracles: Sakau into Water
The Lord is working unusual miracles through the lives of His sons and daughters in these last days here in Micronesia. You've got to hear this recent story:
We have been seeking Jesus for a heavenly strategy of how to reach the majority of the Pohnpeian population that holds titles and feasts and drinks SAKAU EN POHNPEI or kava, which is a narcotic drink. The drinking of SAKAU EN POHNPEI is conn
ected with ancient practices of spiritism.

 Indigenous Pohnpeian carrying a Sakau plant to a feast
Sakau plants are collected from those who hold titles at feasts
The Sakau en Pohnpei root is then pounded in rhythm with stones
This aspect of the Pohnpeian culture is holding the indigenous people here in spiritual bondage. Attempts to bring Kingdom culture have been met with intense resistance. We have believed that there will need to be a major sign from God on this island for the indigenous Pohnpeians to forsake these demonic practices and embrace Jesus Christ.
Water is added to the pounded Sakau root and then squeezed through hibiscus fiber
A chemical reaction takes place and the Sakau is squeezed into a coconut shell
The cups of Sakau en Pohnpei are then offered in order to those present at the feast
So last week, myself and a few friends began to pray that every SAKAU EN POHNPEI plant on the island would be supernaturally altered to no longer be narcotic, and would be like water when the people drink it. This would most certainly be a sign from God that He loves the Pohnpeian people so much and does not want them to engage in demonic practices.
This morning, I was brought word from where a funeral had taken place on Sunday. They said this, "We don't understand what is happening. All of the SAKAU EN POHNPEI that we pounded did not make us drunk, but made us sick, and was just like drinking water. We must be in the last days. God must be trying to speak to us." This comes only days after we began to cry out for this miracle to take place in Pohnpei! Hopefully we can use this miracle as a springboard to give a prophetic message from the heart of God to the people of Pohnpei. We are praying for public repentance of the entire population, and an authentic inner transformation that brings revival to this island.
And this is just one of the hundreds of islands here in the Pacific that our Papa God has on His radar! Bring it, Lord! Revival in the islands!
Christian Jung


    This is the beginning of the healing of a nation. The opening of eyes, ears suddenly open to hear the reason why their adulterated water at the center of their culture is not life giving
    God's pure unadulterated living water brings life without measure, joy without measure, peace without measure. Let it rain, open the floodgates of heaven, let it rain, Lord Jesus.
    Christian, God loves obedience because He loves to bless people, He loves to have a reason to bless people, especially those who have and are laying down their lives daily for Him, without reservation. Our Father sees the treasure that you see that He wants you to bring into His Kingdom. Christian, Papa God,Jesus,Holy Spirit loves you so much.............
    To His Praise and Glory
    Richard Shelbourne
    Thank you Christian for sharing

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