Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stories from Micro by Carissa Marsh

It was so wonderful going up to spend time with the EHFC students. I’m beoming friends with some of the pohnepian girl students and look forward to concentrated time I’ll have with them in the coming two months during the mission school.

I’ve learned, and been laughed at so much while trying to learn the language. I’m learning how to say ‘goodnight’ in pohnpian. The catch is that its quite similar to ‘something smells like fish’. Its always a tossup what will be coming out of my mouth. I don’t think I’ve spit out ‘something smells like fish’ yet but whatever I say gets met with a smile or little laugh.
We were all sitting on the floor last night; lots of the local missionaries were sharing stories of pohnpei. The different things they believe, and about the local culture.
…Suddenly out of the clear blue nowhere a massive flying cockroach started to fly straight at my face! Though I’ve been places that have roaches, I’m still not a fan and have never seen them fly….especially right at me!

I did what any normal girl would do. SCREAM and run to the opposite end of the room. As I reached my safe haven I turned only in my horror to see it was coming at me again!
To the other side of the room I ran, and hid. It must have gotten board (or deaf from my screams) and flew to a window screen where it would spend an evening of rest.

I returned to the place I was sitting, only to roll on the ground laughing with the pohnpeian girls and other missionaries with me. What a sight to see me all frazzled running back and fourth because of a three inch bug. Haha. Give me a bear and I will be cautious…give me a cockroach and I’ll freak out.
The funniest thing was that nasty roach landed on my pohnpeian friend and she just brushed it off like it was an ant or mosquito.

In my day to day I’ve just been asking the Lord what missions, what love looks like in Micronesia. Its such a different place than everywhere else I’ve been. Different yet so similar in that there is such a need for the Lord there is such a need for people to see their identity in Him. Its been very insightful to just soak up stories and listen to the experiences other missionaries have had (local missionaries and international ones who have come to live). Just learning the culture right now, and learning about the people helps me to learn how to best love.

Slowly bit by bit I get more of the language. I don’t have an unrealistic expectation of learning it in a year, but I do have hopes of understanding quickly Ok enough for now. Love to you all!

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